In the Beginning


microverse is a hang and handpan project started by pianist Guido Hundrup around 2014. What exactly is a hang, or handpan? The instrument hang was produced by the Swiss company PanArt in 2001. After a while, other companies began copying the instrument, which soon became known by the name ‘handpan’. We will use both terms depending on the context, and will give more information under the section hang/handpan Description.


When Guido Hundrup discovered this new instrument he was immediately taken by the sound, but it wasn’t until a 2013 trip to Italy that he first had the opportunity to play a handpan.This was the turning point. He had to have this instrument! It turned out to be quite difficult to buy a handpan because the instruments are pro­duced only in small, young handicraft companies, and on a limited scale. Produc­tion is very difficult and making a good quality handpan requires a lot of experi­ence. As the handpan is a new instrument, the makers still have to figure out how to optimize production, a process that is still in the early stages.


Sound Sculptures


Soundsculptures are often associated with the handpan. Although the handpan has very few tones, it offers a wide range of possibilities for instant Helmoltz reson­ances, percussive sounds, flageolet tones, and overtones, which can be used to cre­ate different sound sculptures. The microverse hang project leaves these develop­ing sculptures on their own or modifies them with electronic effects.


Outside Inside


The handpan’s small size makes it possible to bring it along and play it anywhere. It is therefore possible to play it in public spaces. For pianists, of course this is more difficult, and piano concerts are mostly situated indoors or in closed spaces. Of course, there are openair concerts but these are held mostly on defined and cordoned-off stages. For pianist Guido Hundrup, it is thereforean interesting al­ternative and experience to play music in public spaces as a handpan player.



The Future


In this respect, the microverse hang projectis like the handpan movement itself- in an early and developmental stage. The Project is also open to collaborating with other musicians and artists on photography, animation, film music and other pro­jects.